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Organic Cleaning Supplies

Everybody is talking about going green. What is going green? Going green means to be envrionmentally friendly. What does going green mean to housekeepers and maids? Housekeepers and maids alike typically use whatever means necessary to clean. Some will use cleaners that are chemical free and leverage the power of mother nature.

What can mother nature offer to clean a house? Lots of stuff! You might be surprised. Most housekeepers and maids think natural cleaners are not as stong as their chemical counterparts. This is simply not true although the chemical cleaner manufactures would like for you to believe it is true.

I know many cleaning services that have access to natural cleaners but simply choose to use chemicals instead. I perfer to advertise the use of natural cleaners and will only use chemicals if I feel it is necessary and the client approves. Clients like natural cleaners. They like knowing their house is clean and healthy. There is nothing worse when a cleaning service leaves a house smelling full of chemicals.

Consider your health as well. If you work in the profession of being a housekeeper or maid, you are around cleaning supplies all the time. Have you ever considered all the chemicals you inhale throughout any given day when spaying cleaners? If you are bent on using chemicals, consider wearing a mask to protect yourself, however what do you think you clients would like if you clean their house wearing a mask?

Best Organic Cleaner

I am not here to promote one brand over another. I am hear to simply give my opinion on the best organic cleaner from a housekeepers perspective (housekeeper/maid). I believe in Clorox Greenworks Natural Bathroom Cleaner. This particular cleaner has no harsh chemicals and works on just about everything. The power comes from coconut oil which sounds odd, but it works.

If you are a housekeeper and/or maid, consider using organic cleaners. They are good for the envirnment and great for your health!